Fried Dhokla Recipe | How To Make Masala Dhokla

Fried Dhokla Recipe- Khaman dhokla, a famous snack sold in every street of Gujarat, it is no longer restricted to that region. It is readily available in every part of the country. Spicy Khaman Dhokla or Fried Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish with a sponge like texture and flavored with a spicy tempering and coconut. Khaman Dhokla is one kind of dhokla recipe which is soft, tangy and sweet, sometimes spicy, spongy and best healthy recipe for kick start of your day.

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Instant Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Semolina Vada Recipe

Instant Rava Vada Recipe is an instant tasty and tempting snack that goes well with both breakfast or evening snack for which the batter is prepared with rava/semolina/suji. Whenever you wish to prepare vadas instantly that sooji vadas are a must try. As compared to dal vada making sooji vadas is quite easy and quick. Rava vadas are very easy to prepare. No hours of soaking and grinding is required, they can be prepared within an hour.

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Crispy Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce Recipe

Crispy Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce is an Indo-Chinese recipe made with authentic Chinese dish in Indian garlic flavor. This is a mixed vegetable recipe most liked as a snack or starter. Mixed veggies marinated in flour, fried and blended in hot garlic sauce is a perfect semi dry starter dish for any party or can be combined with evening coffee. The recipe of this dish is inherited from Cheese Chilly recipe  that is most liked Indo-Chinese dish in its kind of chilly recipes. Continue reading “Crispy Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce Recipe”

Poha Cutlet Recipe | Vegetable Poha Cutlet Recipe

Poha Cutlet Recipe- Poha Cutlet is a delicious recipe that can be served as a snack to kids after their school. An easy dish to try at your kitchen with lot of experimental transformations.

Delicious cutlet filled with healthy veggie which is easy to cook in kitchen & great for party/picnic evening snack is definitely an addictive and tempting tea time snack. An easy dish to try at your kitchen with minimum ingredients. Poha Cutlets can also be served for parties to guest. Continue reading “Poha Cutlet Recipe | Vegetable Poha Cutlet Recipe”

Aam Panna Recipe

| Aam Panna Recipe |

Aam Panna Recipe- Aam ka panna is a tangy Indian summer cooler drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties. Here is a simple recipe for how to make aam panna. Green mango panna or aam panna is a great remedy for heat stroke. In Punjab and Himachal, Aam Panna is made little thick and is famous as Baanji and is eaten as a side dish with chapati or parantha.


Green Mangoes- 1/2 kg

Sugar or Jaggerry- 250 gms

Onion- 1 medium pc

Red chili powder- 1 tea spoon

Fresh mint leaves- 10 to 12 leaves

Cumin seeds-1 tea spoon

Fenugreek seeds- 1 tea spoon

Cinnamon- 1 inch stem

Garam Masala- 1/4 tea spoon

Salt- to taste

Water- 2 glass



  1. Peel the raw mangoes and rinse in water.
  2. Steam the peeled raw mangoes with water in pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles till they become completely soft and pulpy.
  3. Meanwhile dry roast fenugreek, cumin and cinnamon on a pan and make smooth powder of it.
  4. Let the mangoes get cool down, mash them to take out the mango pulp and make it smooth using hands or blender and remove all the seeds.
  5. Add jaggerry, salt, chilli powder, garam masala and 1/4 tea spoon of fresh masala made.
  6. Mix the ingredients or blend to make it smooth. Add chopped onion and mint leaves to the recipe.
  7. Transfer the ready aam panna to a serving bowl and garnish with fresh mint leaves. You can serve the tangy dish with dinner or lunch as a side dish or as a drink by adding little more water to it.