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Maggie Finger Fries Recipe | Maggie Finger Chips Recipe

Maggie Finger Fries Recipe | Maggie Finger Chips Recipe- Finger fries are always loved by all the ages, whether kids or youngsters. To experiment with the usual potato finger fries, I have tried maggie finger fries. Yes!!! you read it correctly.  Finger Fries with Maggie is a recipe very simple to make and yummy to treat....

Gajar ki Barfi Recipe

| Gajar ki Barfi Recipe | Gajar ki Barfi Recipe- Gajar ka Halwa and Gajar ki Burfi both are very famous and delicious desserts. Halwa made of Gajar also popular as gajrela is a sweet dessert pudding originating from the Indian subcontinent, associated mainly with the North India. This is a classic and great Indian dessert prepared with fresh carrots- grated and blended in milk. To overcome the long preparation time, I have used condensed milk in the place of milk. This burfi is packed ...