Fried Dhokla Recipe | How To Make Masala Dhokla

Fried Dhokla Recipe- Khaman dhokla, a famous snack sold in every street of Gujarat, it is no longer restricted to that region. It is readily available in every part of the country. Spicy Khaman Dhokla or Fried Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish with a sponge like texture and flavored with a spicy tempering and coconut. Khaman Dhokla is one kind of dhokla recipe which is soft, tangy and sweet, sometimes spicy, spongy and best healthy recipe for kick start of your day.

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Falooda Recipe | Rose Falooda Drink With Ice Cream

Falooda is one the most liked dessert served in a glass that has its origins in Iran. This summer drink with multiple colour layers has made its remark into many countries including India. It is an integral part of the menus during summers for street food hawkers that sell drinks, ice cream parlours and restaurants which serve numerous variations of the basic falooda recipe.

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Instant Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Semolina Vada Recipe

Instant Rava Vada Recipe is an instant tasty and tempting snack that goes well with both breakfast or evening snack for which the batter is prepared with rava/semolina/suji. Whenever you wish to prepare vadas instantly that sooji vadas are a must try. As compared to dal vada making sooji vadas is quite easy and quick. Rava vadas are very easy to prepare. No hours of soaking and grinding is required, they can be prepared within an hour.

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Classic Banana Bread Recipe

Easy to make home prepared Classic Banana bread that too in its classic version is one of the best way to use up over-ripe bananas. It is the best slice to go with your morning breakfast coffee! Better than anything, our banana bread is fluffy, buttery, moist and smells really yummy while baking! Every bite is just yummmmm! This Banana Bread is perfectly sweet, moist, and full of flavor! You can enjoy this bread plain, with chopped walnuts, or even chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast or dessert!

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Rasgulla Recipe | Bengali Spongy Rasgulla Recipe

Rasgulla Recipe | Bengali Spongy Rasgulla Recipe- The dessert is known as Rosogolla or Roshogolla in Bengali. A sweet syrupy dessert popular in the regions with South Asian culture. It is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena (an Indian cottage cheese) dough, cooked in thin watery syrup made of sugar.

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